My best resources on how to grow as a developer and climb the levels. Do more valuable work & be better compensated.


The book focuses on a few key areas that are critical to growing your software career:

  • A new framework for thinking about software development & the value chain
  • Habits and routines that you can practice to take you to the next level, technically and as a team leader
  • Ideas for how you can frame your contributions and sell yourself to your managers, executives, teammates, and new opportunities
  • A philosophy of software development that will take you even farther in your career

What’s new in v2

The updated version includes 6 new chapters on topics like:

  • Productivity tips (and also why productivity is overrated)
  • Negotiation scripts & step-by-step guides to asking for a promotion
  • Choosing a career path between individual contributor & manager
  • What’s average for a software career & how to be above average


Here’s what I heard from developers who bought the first version of the book…

“Just bought the book. Amazing what you are doing. You have given me a lot of inspiration to keep going and build an amazing career in tech.”

— Luis G.

“You’re doing a great job here. Since I found you, it’s like I found the shortest path to becoming the developer I dream of.”

— Alex I.

“Succinct advice on becoming a senior engineer, irrespective of one’s programming language of choice. Thank you for putting this together. It’s worth rereading.”

— Ridwan Y.